Bodega Norton - Desde 1895 Signature Winemaking

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Bodega Norton - Desde 1895 Signature Winemaking

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That connects history with terroir, talent with passion.


Quintaesencia embodies the purest quality of our rosé wines. This exclusive Malbec Rosé is sourced from our oldest vineyards in Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza.

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Gernot Langes

As Bodega Norton´s icon wine, Gernot Langes was named after its owner. This wine is made from a careful selection of the finest Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes, picked from Bodega Norton’s oldest vineyards.

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Lote Negro

In every vineyard there is a place where the terroir reaches its zenith, where one batch surpasses all others. Lote Negro is the maximum expression of the Valle de Uco and its terroir.

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Lote Malbec Single Vineyard

3 Terroirs | 3 Malbec Single Vineyard

The search for an outstanding identity within the same climate, soil and topography of our estates resulted in the creation of LOTE, which represents the characteristic expressions of the terroir in every estate.

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Originally reserved for the family’s private cellar, this exclusive high-end blend is a result of a request by the Swarovski family to create the best wine to enjoy among their friends. Its grapes come from the winery´s oldest vineyards, between 50 and 90 years old.

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“Altura” means altitude, height above sea level, combination of day solar intensity and atmospheric pressure. Altura was inspired by the connection between soil and elevation and microclimate in a special vineyard located in Uco Valley in Mendoza.

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It has long been a tradition in the Andes to make offerings to Mother Earth as a symbol of gratitude for every harvest she bestows. Ofrenda is our way to show that same gratitude to nature for our life and work.

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Specially reserved due to its exceptional features, Reserva wine is characterized by its elegance and complexity. It is made from carefully selected grapes from vineyards between 30 and 50 years old.

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Rosado de Malbec

Rosado Malbec is a new wine that has been early harvested at the end of March from selected vineyards, which gives it a distinguished and elegant salmon rose color.  Its maximum expression is given by its herbaceous and floral notes with a fresh and pleasant finish.

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Barrel Select

The Barrel Select line is distinguished by a fruity style keeping the classic elegance, with a firm structure and delicate finish.

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The Select line is distinguished by a fruity style keeping the classic elegance, with a firm structure and delicate finish. Exclusive USA.

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An authentic exponent of Argentine Malbec. The distinction D.O.C. (Denominación de Origen Controlada / Controlled Place Name) certifies that grapes that give origin to it come from Luján de Cuyo exclusively, one of the most remarkable regions for wine production in Argentina, and that it has been matured in both French oak barrels and the bottle.

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Cosecha Especial

Made by selecting the best Chardonnay grapes in our vineyards, this sparkling wine´s splendid harmony and complexity are enjoyed through a soft and refined flavor that leaves memories of dry fruits with toasted bread and butter touches. Cosecha Especial Vintage pays tribute to 10 years creating Bodega Norton’s first high-end sparkling wine.

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Bodega Norton has five vineyards spread over the main terroirs of the province of Mendoza in, foothills of the Andes Mountains, all of them within a privileged zone known as the First Zone for the quality of its grapes. It is not just geographical location that influences the quality of our wines, but the age of our vines. Their average age is around 30 years, but we also have a large number of hectares planted with 80-year-old vines.

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Wine tastes better when it is enjoyed in spectacular surroundings. Come and visit us to experience 125 years of winemaking heritage and our beautiful location in the foothills of the Andes. Learn what goes into creating your favorite vintage, enjoy a wonderful lunch at our La Vid Restaurant, take a cookery class, peddle through the vines on a photographic safari, or tuck in to a special gourmet picnic looking out over vines and the snow-capped Andes. You can even opt for an exclusive tasting of the vineyard´s most iconic wines in the Selected Cellar, or become winemaker for the day and create your own blend.

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