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We currently maintain and care for 108 houses, which enables our staff and their families to greatly improve their standard of living. Since 2009 we have been developing a volunteer program called “Norton Solidarity” through which our staff have the opportunity to make donations and give their time to help those most in need. Through this program, several campaigns have been undertaken:

HARVES SOLIDARITY Collecting useful materials, school duscoats, books and everything needed to start the school year. ONE TOY, A THOUSAND SMILES Gathering together toys for donation to children’s hospitals and soup kitchens CHRISTMAS SOLIDARITY Collecting milk ,sugar and cocoa for those most in need.

COAS GOURMET In addition to the above, we have collaborated with COAS Gourmet for many years, whose main aim has been assisting public hospitals in Buenos Aires, and in Mendoza we have sponsored several schools and community kitchens.

EDUCATIONAL GOAL Lastly ,in 2011, we launched “Educational Goal”. This program seeks to provide employees and family members of the winery, who for various reasons were unable to complete their schooling, the opportunity to finish their education, and it gives them the tools to do so. In a joint effort between Bodega Norton and School Board of the Province of Mendoza, 53 people are already enrolled in the program.