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The earth, climate, vines and passion of our people live in every one of our wines and their presence is felt in the pleasure of those who enjoy them.

Michael W. Halstrick, Presidente & CEO.


To offer pleasure through our products, providing customers with the best price-quality ratio in every product we offer. The growth of the company will be continuous, self-financed and sustainable over time, strengthening our commitment to protecting the environment in which we work and valuing the experience gained.

Bodega Norton Vision

To be the best Argentinian winery, well-known for its excellent wines, professionalism and honesty of its team, its constant dedication to safeguarding natural resources and the creation of value for customers and suppliers, always with our characteristic family spirit.

  • THE VINE A wonder of nature, it is the elemental core from which everything arises.
  • The Roots Although unseen, they are fundamental in sustaining the vine.
  • The Andes This mountain range magnificently frames our vineyard, which lies at its foot.
  • The River Crystal clear waters nourish the vine.
  • The Hands Our workers collaborate with nature, protecting and caring for her with their work.
Vision & Mision
Vision & Mision