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By means of this recreational activity, tourists may create their “blend” wine, combining varietals and discovering aromas, textures and complexity.

Description of the activity:
Welcome glass at the Wine Bar of the winery with an amazing view of “Cordón del Plata” (Andes Mountains).

Visit to the winery with high-end wine tasting (optional): Malbec Experience.

Norton invites you to enjoy and learn about the winemaking process of a blend wine and its label while playing at being “Winemaker for a day”.

Groups of less than 10 people: every member of the group may create their own wine and label taking the bottle of that wine as a souvenir.

Groups of more than 10 people: this is an ideal activity for groups of friends or corporate groups since it is posed as a competition where they will be “designers” & “winemakers”. They will create their own blend wine and then a jury will choose
the best wine and the best label.

While visitors create their own wine, they may enjoy a cheese selection.

  • Minimum number: 2 People
  • Maximum number: 10 People
  • Booking conditions: 24 Hours / Duration: 2 Hours

Booking hours

  • To be agreed
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