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By means of this activity, parents may share a recreational activity with their children. Parents may create their “blend” wine -by combining varietals and discovering aromas, textures and complexity- while their children create a label for the final product. Their family bottle of wine.

Description of the activity:
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Visit to the winery with high-end wine tasting (optional): Malbec Experience

This recreational activity is ideal for families. Parents and children may create a blend wine and a family label.

To enjoy this pleasant family moment , Bodega Norton will provide visitors with a selection of cheeses as well as some delicious “empanadas criollas” (creole pasties).

After finishing the activity, every family may take their bottle of wine as a souvenir and a certificate for children signed by the well-known and awarded Winemaker Jorge Riccitelli.

  • Minimum number: 2 People
  • Maximum number: 10 People
  • Booking conditions: 24 Hours / Duration: 2 Hours

Booking hours

  • To be agreed
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